Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bistecche di tonno fresco con rosmarino, aceto balsamico e asparagi ( Fresh tuna steaks with rosemary, balsamic vinegar and asparagus )

The sea was rough and the sky cloudy, but the mermaids were still there, singing their song, sailing on waves, and tickling starfish,  while the sun was playing hide and seek. She though of the past, long time ago... that day she went to the beach with her father. She was only little, the waves high and scary. I still don't know why her father sat her on a rock, like a little island surrounded by sea foam, sprays of salt water and bright green seaweed.

She was scared, in her little white and blue swimming costume, she cried and she screamed, but nobody came to help. She was like a little mermaid, all alone, on a tiny island, screaming with each and every wave. To this day, I still don't know why I was left on that rock, all alone, surrounded by waves and wind... I don't know... but I know that on that day, the sea and I became best friends... 

Many of my childhood memories are connected with my father, who was a very sweet, lovely man. He never once shouted, or got cross. He always had so many stories to tell and so much love to give... I miss him!

In Summer, Babbo would take me to the beach. He taught me how to catch crabs and how to hold them, so you don't get pinched. On the way home, he would stop the car and buy us both an ice cream.I always had vanilla... it's still my favourite!  He loved ice cream more than anything! And he loved us. My dad also had a bike. It had a little seat at the front... it was my seat. Sometimes he would ride to the beach, with this tiny, proud little girl sat at the front. He paraded me like a little blond trophy. He was such a special dad, my beautiful Babbo!

I do love the sea and the gift it brings. Many of my happy memories are connected with the sea... the beautiful blue sea...

Today I went to my sister's villa. The beach is right across the street... I love it! On my way back, I stopped to buy some fish.

 A big piece of bright red tuna caught my eye and I bought a couple of huge (expensive) steaks. I brought them home and decided to "create" something delicious with it, which I thought you might like, too!

PS: If you don't like fish, you can make this with pork chops (cooked tuna does resemble pork!) But fresh tuna is so good and can be eaten raw in carpaccio (well... I do!)

This is what I made with my fish:

Bistecche di tonno fresco
con rosmarino, aceto balsamico
e asparagi

(Fresh tuna steak with rosemary, balsamic vinegar 
and asparagus)

(Serves 2)


2 fresh tuna steaks
5 tbsp olive oil
1 small garlic clove
a small handful cubed pancetta
1 rosemary sprig
balsamic vinegar
fresh parsley

8-10 asparagus spears

This recipe is very quick and easy! Place the oil in a non stick frying pan. When hot, add your pancetta cubes and cook until crispy. Next,  add the chopped garlic. Brown, then add a sprig of fresh rosemary. Stir, so the flavours mingle. You are now ready to cook your tuna.

 You need to be very gentle with tuna, as it's very delicate and, if you're not careful, it will break and separate, just like the tinned stuff. Cook gently for about three minutes on each side, then add some lovely balsamic vinegar, as much or as little as you like. I like lots! And, if like me, you like a bit of "spice" in your life, some fresh chilli would be an excellent addition! But it's optional! What you "must" add is a little bunch fresh parsley.

While you are cooking your fish, bring some water to the boil (I used a shallow rectangular dish for this) and cook your asparagus for just three or so minutes. Drain, place  and set aside. If you want your asparagus to stay green, place it in ice cold water, after cooking. I am practical and very quick, in the kitchen, so I don't bother!

Take your fish out of the pan, then put your drained asparagus in the juices and stir. As you can see from the picture... 

 I served my asparagus with the fish and a lovely mixed salad of tomatoes, mixed salad leaves, capers, olive oil, fresh basil leaves and ricotta salata (a bit like Feta cheese, but nicer! Sorry, nice Greek followers!)  You can use Feta, instead!