Sunday, 12 June 2011

Granita al Limone ( Italian Lemon Ice- DELIZIOSO! )

And this... is the original recipe for Granita al Limone (Lemon Ice.) Again, like the previous one, I got this recipe from RAI TV, Italian Television, so... it must be good! Actually, I already had a taste: it's perfectly summery, refreshing and looks inviting!
It's a really easy recipe. You could make some white chocolate decoration for this, by melting the chocolate, adding a few pieces of lemon peel and then just drizzling on greaseproof paper to make abstract, delicious shapes.
I didn't! I decorated mine with rosemary, mint, thyme, lemon peel and just a little strawberry, fresh from my garden!



Granita al Limone
Lemon Ice
  ( 4-5  Servings)
570ml ( 1pt)  water
6 lemons
200g (7 oz) sugar
herbs and fruit ( or white chocolate)
to decorate

This is so easy! Before you start, you need to peel your lemons ( keep the peel, as you will need it, soon) squeeze the juice out of each one of them, collect and keep to one side. Next, put your water and sugar in pan and bring to the boil. Stir until the sugar has dissolved, then take off the heat and add all the lemon peel ( I reserved some for my decoration) and the juice.

Leave to infuse for half an hour. This will make your granita taste ever so lemony and summery! Next, you need to sieve this mixture and place it into a container suitable for freezing.

Once everything has cooled down, the final stage: The freezer! Place your strained lemon juice in the freezer, for about two hours. During this time, make sure that you stir frequently, so you get a delicious almost fluffy granita. Decorate with fruit or white chocolate and lemon peel. Mine was delicious. I know because I ate some!


  1. Hello Anna
    This must be a most refreshing summer drink. Your blog is very professional and beautifully laid out.
    Wishing you a fun week

  2. I have always wanted to make this, as I love anything lemony! Love Linda x

  3. If left to melt in the sun, a granita can very quickly become a very refreshing drink, true! In bars, in Italy, if you ask them to, they will put a few teaspoons of lemon granita in ice cold tea. It's delicious!
    Ciao, Helen & Linda!