Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A few of my favourite things

At the top of my list, TOP OF THE POPS, one of my favourite things would be granita di caffe` doppia panna: layers of delicious coffe ice and sweet, rich wipped cream. Brings back memories of past Sunday nights, at home, in Italy, with my Mamma and Babbo.

 I can still smell the coffee, taste the cream and hear the sounds of the street, on Summer nights, when I was a little girl who lived not too far from the sea, in a beautiful city in the South of Italy. We would sit outside and, with every teaspoon of the iced delight we would think how lucky we were to have been born in Heaven.

My mother would look at the moon and say:"Hmm... not the same since they landed on the Moon. Look at those dark patches!"

I would look at the night sky... who will ever forget the feeling of being able to almost touch every single star with the tip of your finger. "The Universe in a granita doppia panna". Whoever said it?

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